Be creative! Don’t be afraid of coming up with new ideas.

Sometimes companies are still too attached to working in their traditional way, but do not be afraid of expressing ideas that might change or improve their way of operating. Be creative even if this requires challenging the traditional work style, you will be creating a positive impact as an intern.

Be open to feedback.

You may not always be completely right, but that is totally okay! What’s important is that you are willing to correct your mistakes and improve your work. Receiving feedback is always good as we can see our work from a different perspective.

Keep a professional behavior.

Be on time and dress properly, although this is an internship it doesn’t mean you don’t have to play by the rules. Meet the deadlines assigned and follow the company policies always.

Don’t pretend to know it all.

There isn’t a single person that knows everything, an internship is a big chance for students to learn as much as they can. Don’t be afraid of asking questions when you don’t know something. This will not make you look like you are not capable but the opposite it will show that you are willing to learn new things.

Keep an open mind and be respectful.

This point is specially important if you work in an international environment. Whether it is because of culture or religion you should know that every person is different and every mind is a completely different world. Not all of us have the same opinions and what you like others may not.

Be proactive! Don’t be dependent.

Take initiatives but keep in mind not overstepping. Do not always wait for your supervisor to assign you a task. Having an action-oriented attitude will show your interest to play a part in the office; Try to contribute as much value as you can to the company.

Get involved in the office team.

Even if you are an intern and your position does not require help from other people, try to get along with your coworkers. Get to know your colleagues and their way of working. This will help to have a better work environment and even improve the efficiency.

We hope this information will be a key of succes during your placement as an intern. If you do not have an internship yet, and you would like to gain some valuable work experience, check out our available positions!

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