Do you want to learn the most happy language in the world?

So, learn Portuguese!

15 simple phrases to learn before visiting Portugal:

  1. Olá= Hello (general greeting)
  2. Adeus= Goodbye
  3. Sim/ Não= Yes/No
  4. Bom dia= Good morning
  5. Boa tarde= Good afternoon
  6. Boa noite= Good night
  7. Desculpe= Pardon me/ I am sorry
  8. Por favor= Please
  9. De nada= Your welcome
  10. Obrigado (masculine) / Obrigada (feminine) = Thank you
  11. Tudo bem? = How are you doing?
  12. Meu nome é … = My name is…
  13. Prazer em conhece-lo/la= Pleased to meet you (masculine/feminine)
  14. Até já= See you later
  15. Beijinhos= Kisses

We hope you love Portugal as much as we do and have a nice stay!

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