Testimonial – Mircea Mazuru

We interviewed our former intern Mircea Mazuru from Romania, he shared with us his experience with our services in finding an internship.

What motivated you to find an internship abroad?

I’ve always wanted to go abroad to work for a longer period of time and I chose Lisbon as I already knew it is a great destination. I wanted to work inside an international team and I also wanted to challenge myself to live alone in another country to prove myself that I can be fully independent.

How did you like Placement in Portugal’s process of finding an internship?

I really appreciated Placement in Portugal’s services. To be honest, it was one of the few companies which actually answered my inquiry email. I could tell from the very start that they offer a professional service because of how my questions were handled and how quick they answered. The process was simple, transparent and effective. I managed to find an internship that matched my requirements & skills.

Were your expectations about this experience met?

I can wholeheartedly say that my expectations were surpassed. I expected a strict & boring workplace and I found such a positive team and I made lots of good friends. The work flow was pleasant and I managed to improve my skills in Marketing & HR.

Would you recommend Placement in Portugal to other people? Why?

I will recommend Placement in Portugal to all my friends & acquaintances who are interested in doing an internship abroad. I also already recommended Placement in Portugal to my university’s Erasmus office, and I have faith that my colleagues will be in good hands. If I had the option to do my internship again, I would always choose Placement in Portugal!

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