Testimonial – Petros Xenios

How would you describe Placement in Portugal’s process in 3 words, and why?

Quick, candidate friendly (that’s 2 words actually!). I was called for an interview and then the same day I had the interview with the company’s manager. My life changed within a single day. People should understand that one day you can do what you are doing regularly and this exact day you can be told that you are going to work abroad. Amazing feeling

Costa Nova, Aveiro, Portugal

Why do you consider this was a valuable experience?

Was it a valuable experience? Well, why don’t give it a shot? I had the moment of my life and l would do it again and again if I had the chance to. But as with all experiences in life this one has also the subjective element. For me it will always be an indelible period of my life and for someone else it could be just OK, mediocre. Seize the moment that this internship and living abroad can give you and you will share the same opinion as me.

Was this internship in your field of studies? Have you learned to look at the department where you worked from a different perspective?

This internship was within my field of interest and expertise. I think that I learned more things for HR that I could do if I have stayed in homeland, because interviewing people from Madagascar at one moment and the other from Zimbabwe gives you a wide perspective of how the world works. Human Resources does not (or at least should not) be restricted within “civilized” Western cultures. As an HR intern and Psychology graduate I kept reminding myself that the candidate I had in front of me had different cultural background than mine and I should not let some cultural differences influence my judgement.

Tell us about your experience during this internship.

My Instagram followers rose, I want to get a memory tattoo… No, I am kidding (or probably not). This internship changed me as a person if not altogether at least 180 degrees.

I learned how I can effectively be a part of a multicultural team and how I can implement my skills and knowledge in the working field. What remains with me though is the people I met throughout this internship. Some exquisite candidates that really impressed me or better inspired me with their achievements, the local kind Portuguese who remind me of Greeks most of the times and I never felt homesick and last but not least my wonderful team. Some left and other remain but these people are the ones that were my everyday point of reference and let me grow personally and professionally. Because in the very end, what is life if you don’t share your experiences with other people?

I travelled a lot during these three months and the monument of discoveries in Belem reminds me every time I stare at its magnificence the poem of Ulysees by Alfred Lord Tennyson (fun fact: Ulysees aka Odysseus is a main figure in Greek mythology and the greek legend tells of Ulysses also as the founder of Lisbon, Portugal, calling it Ulisipo): To strive, to seek, to find… And not to yield

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